Yucca Fries

Thursday, June 12, 2014

World Cup starts today in my native country, Brazil. If you're planning a get together with friends to watch the opening of the games and first game today, try to make these yucca fries as appetizers. Yucca  (or cassava) fries are very common in Brazil and you can find it pretty much in every restaurant, bar or pub. Take a look:

Recipe by Sweet Caroline

1.5 lb bag frozen yucca/cassava (I used Goya's)
1 chicken bouillon
Vegetable oil for frying
Sea salt

In a large pot, combine the frozen yucca, chicken bouillon and enough cold water to cover. Bring to a boil, let the yucca cook until tender. Drain well and let cool. Cut the yucca into pieces removing the little fiber roots from the middle. In a medium pot, pour about 2 inches of oil and let it get hot over high heat, fry the yucca until golden in color, transfer into a plate lined with paper towel. Season with sea salt. Serve and enjoy!


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Miz Helen said...

What a fun recipe, I can't wait to try these fries! Your place at our table is very special and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful food with all of us at Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a fantastic week and come back real soon!
Miz Helen

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