Visiting Timmy's Town Center

Monday, June 30, 2014

Timmy’s Town Center is an interactive children’s museum located at the Mall at Steamtown in
downtown Scranton, Pa. A place where kids can learn, discover and explore while they play.

Here are a few of the permanent exhibits:
The "Farmer's Market" teaches kids different types of fruits and vegetables and how to count, weigh and sort. 

My kids had tons of fun playing and learning!

Sophia loved the "Puppet Theater", perfect for kids to use their imagination. Also, they both loved playing "Dress-Up", they were pretending being doctors and taking care of babies. 

There's also the "Arter Space" where kids can draw and paint and show their artistic side.

The "Read-Cycling" encourages kids to read, discover and explore books.

There are some upcoming exhibits coming soon, make sure to check their site for more information.

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Motive to be Pretty said...

Ahh!! Que fofos!!
ja levei meus filhos la em aniversarios, bem legal la!

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