The Potty Training Battle...

Friday, January 17, 2014

As a parent I want my kids to succeed and I want to be able to help them overcome their battles. Potty training takes time and patience and I'd read quite a few tips and advices from many parents and magazines on how to tackle this. It took about four days to Sophia properly learn how to use the potty,
and I was very impressed. And here are a few of my tips for you:

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1. Trade diapers for regular underwear. 
On the first day, my daughter had a few accidents which it's totally normal but she loved the princess underwear that I got for her. Remember accidents will happen, just encourage your child. 

2. Rewards.
Rewards are important for kids even if it's just a sticker, create a chart to track and show their efforts. The big reward for training Sophia was that she kept saying she wanted to go to school, so I took the opportunity and said that she could only go to school if she used the potty just like the other kids. That worked perfectly and now she's going to pre-k! 

3. Take your time.
By the second day, I notice Sophia kept holding her pee for the longest time, so I would take her to the potty and let her sit there for a few minutes from time to time, just for encouragement and for her to get used to, sometimes she peed and other times not. Takes time and getting used to the potty. By the third day, she would ask me to go potty and eventually by the fourth day she would go by herself.

4. Night time.
Sophia still wears a diaper to go to sleep but I want to tackle this during the Summer time and work on new ideas for her not to wet her bed at night. Wish me luck!

5. My final tip: only potty train when you feel your child is ready. I've tried to potty trained Sophia before and it didn't work. This time around I really felt she was ready and she succeeded.

Good luck in potty training your child and tackling the battle!

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