Vacation: Our Visit to Pier 60

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pier 60 is a great place to walk around and see the
beautiful beach. There are playgrounds for the kids to 
play and enjoy, and seats if you're tired of walking. 
At sunsets, there is a daily festival featuring street vendors,
artists, crafters, performers and music. Also, there is a free
film screening every Friday and Saturday night, you just need
to bring a blanket or chair and enjoy the film on the lawn.

For movie night, they put a huge jumbo screen right here and we just lay or sit on the lawn.

The views from the pier are beautiful.

Ian kept throwing his little monkey everywhere and we almost lost it 
during the vacation a couple of times too.

After visiting the pier, we walked around to see some shops 
and then grabbed something to eat.

We stopped to eat at Crabby's and the food was delicious.

Stay tuned! Still more to see from our vacation.
Next, our walk around Downtown & Marina.

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