A Cozy Dinner at Home...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I like to surprise my husband with a special dinner every so often and I'll pull all the stops too. I love creating and setting a beautiful table, getting the ingredients for a delicious dinner and finally being able to enjoy a nice and quite dinner with the hubby, of course! I love the whole process of thinking about it and making it happen, it's so much fun! That's exactly what I did this Monday, take a look:

For the table, I chose a colorful tablecloth and napkins, simple white plates with yellow glasses, and arranged some pretty hydrangeas from the garden into mason jars along with some candles. For the menu I choose easy but delicious dishes; I made bruschetta, linguine with clam sauce (I forgot to take a photo, sorry!) and fruits and cream. It was a simple and cozy dinner at home.

Do you like cozy dinners at home too?

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Kerry said...

I used to do this for my husband too on anniversaries or birthdays. Sadly I have to admit that I have not done it in a while but I think because we have three children there would be no 'cozy' to it lol So glad you two had a lovely dinner together, good job!!

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