An Afternoon At NYC...

Friday, July 12, 2013

We spent the day yesterday at NYC since my husband had some pending issues to resolve but by the afternoon he was done with everything and we had an afternoon to just walk and enjoy the day. We walked a lot and I mean a lot! 

We did plenty of sightseeing even though we've seen the same places before a bunch of times but we don't mind since we both love the city so much. First, we had lunch and then we were off exploring the city. We stopped by the Grand Station and by the way it has a great market with incredible produce (I bought a delicious french macaron there), saw the Chrysler building, walked all the way to Central Park and 5th Ave., also stopped by the Rockefeller Center, saw the Atlas Statue, walked by the Public Library and Bryant Park. Like I said it before we walked a lot. 

And here's a few photos of our little afternoon trip, I wish I had more but through the day my camera battery died and so did our phones batteries. Pretty bummer, right?

The Chrysler Building.

The Conservatory Water Pond.

I bought this delicious blueberry macaron with blueberry filling 
at the Grand Central Market. It was huge, the size of my palm!

I love this Alice in Wonderland Statue, it reminds me of childhood.

The Gorgeous Angel in Water Fountain.

Me near the Bethesda Terrace and my hubby near the fountain.

I fell in love with the ceiling tiles of the Bethesda Terrace. Aren't they simply gorgeous?

♥ ♥ 


Kerry said...

I loved visiting NYC through your pictures! I have seen pictures of it so many times but when they are personal pictures such as yours, you get a better and more real feel for the place. I am so envious you have walked those streets and visited Central Park so many times before, it is our dream to visit!!

mail4rosey said...

I've only been once, and I do hope to go back. Your pictures are nice!

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