Rainy Days and Playing...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The weather has changed very much this past week, it has been raining and it's cold! The kids caught a little common cold from all the weather changes, there are plenty of tissues, sneezes and coughs (not fun). They've been playing indoors and trying to keep each other busy most days. Take a look:

This is what our sunroom looks on most days, toys scattered around everywhere, kids running and lots of screaming (I wish my photos would capture all the screaming for you). 

What do you do on rainy days with your kiddos?


Ginger said...

I love those Mega Blocks. So much easier to clean up than the itty bitty legos and no choking hazard either!

Ginger from beautyandthetravelbeat.com

Kerry said...

Our toy room is a constant mess, if we aren't tripping over stuff then it's not a normal day LOL
Cute pics Caroline!!

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