Take a Break & Breathe

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life lately has been quite busy and a little chaotic at times. 
Things have been off track, 
my long do to list gets bigger by the minute, 
keeping the house clean and organize has been a challenge, 
and chasing my two toddlers around the house...
let's just say is my workout for day, actually everyday.

I don't know about about you but 
sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed! 
Let's be honest, being a mom and a wife is a big juggling act 
while keeping the second act going too, 
I'm talking about being the everyday chef, 
the magician that makes the laundry surprisingly disappear
every week, 
the educator and example to your kids - get the picture?

As overwhelming as it is,
I've to remind myself to take a break and breathe
and breathe again.
A little time to adjust is so necessary,
time to put the brain back together and not go crazy altogether.
And it's ok if dinner doesn't get done on time,
if the laundry doesn't magically disappear or everything on the
to do list doesn't get checked off.
I've to constantly remind myself that I'm not perfect,
that's ok too and life goes on,
regardless of what happens everyday.

Take a Break 


Everyday, I've been practicing the "take a break and breathe"
and guess what? It worked and it has been working for me,
to my surprise I even got to read and finish a book in about a week!
That's really good folks 'cause I can't even tell when was the last
time I was able to read a book and actually finish it.

So, just remember to just take a minute to yourself.
Time to gather your thoughts,
and not go completely crazy.
Just breathe and you'll be fine.

♥ ♥ 


Heather said...

This is an excellent reminder. I am just coming out of the craziness of having toddlers running around - mine are almost 5 *gasp* and 2 1/2. Having the time to breathe is so important. I think being a parent is probably the most overwhelming thing I will ever do, but it is very rewarding as well :-)

Kerry said...

Words of wisdom right here!! I absolutely agree, it is so overwhelming some days and so easy to think that everyone has it altogether whilst the rest of us are trying to stay afloat! Thanks for the reminder to take a break and breath...maybe I can start a new book too seeing it has been so long!! I hope you and your family are all keeping well Caroline! I have been on a little blogging break which is why I haven't visited you for so long...but I am back now and looking forward to catching up on your life lately!! xo

Lauren said...

Way to go taking time out for yourself. Life does get hectic chasing little ones, doesn't it? Thanks for reminding me to take some time out.

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