A Barnyard Birthday Party

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Last month, 
we threw a little birthday party at our home 
to celebrate Ian's 1st birthday, 
we had a wonderful time with family and friends. 
Take a look:

How cute is the cake?
I had spent the night before setting up the decorations in our dinning room 
with the help from my sister... 

...and a few friends helped by making sweet treats and filling balloons, 
I also made some delicious marshmallow pops (I'll do a DIY project soon about it) 
to give to the kids along with the favor bags.

I've to say that Sophia enjoyed the party more than Ian, he took a little nap
during the party before waking up for us to sing Happy Birthday to him.
But after all, everyone had a pretty good time!


Anonymous said...

Família linda e a festinha dele ficou uma gracinha! A festinha de 1 ano do Lucas foi da fazendinha tb e do Daniel vou fazer da arca de Noe :))

Amy said...

Those marshmallow pops look delicious! Looks like it was a fun party!

Ruthie Armstrong said...

SO cute! What a fun party... Thanks so much for coming to party at Super Saturday Show & Tell :) I hope you'll come again next week. xoxo~ Ruthie

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