A Sick Day & Cupcakes

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sophia woke up feeling a little sick yesterday morning, in fact, she kept me awake for a few hours the nigh before. She had a fever, was crying and feeling tired and grumpy, I think it's the cold symptoms. To make her feel a little better, I asked if she wanted to make some cupcakes with me because I know how much she loves to bake and of course, her love for cupcakes too.

She had fun mixing the cupcake batter, lining the cupcake pan with paper baking cups, licking the chocolate frosting off her fingers and putting the sprinkles on top of everything, and I mean everything, you should have seen my kitchen countertops afterwards. But, it was all fun and very much worth it after seeing how happy she was, and for a few couple hours she forget she was even sick.

Getting all cheered up.

The face of happiness because she knew she was going to eat cupcakes.

The results, very yummy results. 


Sarah said...

Hi Caroline - I found your blog over at ChasingBigDreams link up - Your blog looks really cute and fun to read so I am going to be following along... you can find me over at anythingbetween.blogspot.com

I just noticed, are you from Scranton, PA? If so, small world!!

Caroline said...

Hey, Sarah! Thank you for following along and yes, I'm from Scranton, Pa! How about you?

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