What I Hope My Kids Will Learn...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I worry for the kind of world that my kids will grow up in it. 
The sense of true values that it seems people have somehow just lost it, 
a place where people are constantly putting labels on you, 
from the type of body you have, 
to how many "friends" you've on Facebook 
and if you wear brand name clothes. 
You are basically judged by things you are supposed to have 
instead of what you are
I wonder how things changed so dramatically.

That's why I look up to people that truly inspires me to be better. 
People with character, people that shine through their actions, 
not just through their words alone. 
I guess you can really tell someone's character by what they do. 
I just hope I can be a good individual and example to my kids, 
so they'll learn the true values and be good honest people, 
show kindness, be humble and show love in all things to all. 

This verse from Ephesians sums everything, at least to me.

"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient; bearing with one another in love."
Ephesians 4:2

What do you hope your kids will learn?

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Motive to be Pretty said...

Amei o post Carol!! bjim.. sempre.

Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} said...

I followed you over here from Kerry's blog. She has you listed as one of her favorites and I can see why. I completely agree with you on this.

Humble, gentle and patient are not words I'd use to describe the majority of the people I come in contact with daily. I've learned that you can't change these people, these strangers. All you can do is try to exemplify these things yourself and try to teach your children to do the same.

Kerry said...

Just by thinking about this and wanting this for your children already shows so much of the example you are leading for your kids. You are a great mum Caroline and an absolute pleasure to know xo

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