Things My Kids Do...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I love to watch and observe my kids, I love watching their mannerism and behavior, the simple little things they do without even noticing and how everything brings a smile to my face. The little things they do are so simple and yet so precious and endearing.

Things my kids do:

They each sleep with a little blanket to help them fall asleep; and wherever we go, I have to bring the blanket along. If I need to wash it, I've to get it from Sophia without her seeing it cause otherwise she cries. I think it's quite interesting because one of my favorite characters from Peanuts is Linus, and he would always be with his blanket, I think it's kind of cutie that my kids do this.

Sophia can balance a spoon on her nose. Don't ask me how my-almost-two-year-old simply learned to do this because I don't know. But here's the proof:

When I make Ian laugh, he laughs so hard until he gets hiccups! And his favorite toy to play with is his little plush monkey that he loves to squeeze.

Sophia named her doll Monka, which means Monica! It took me a little while to figure it out but that's what it is. I can understand most of the things that she says, she speaks more clearly now but other things I've to pretty much discover on my own. Another thing, she calls her binky, bibi.

Ian goes into a laughing frenzy whenever he sees Sophia jumping, and I mean a good-deep-belly-laugh. It's quite hysterical!

Sophia loves to pretend to be asleep and even does snoring noises. She knows how to use her imagination, that's for sure.

So, what are some of the things your kids do?


KERRY said...

Hi Caroline! Your kids are absolutely adorable, I have loved following you on Instagram and seeing more pics of them :) I love how babies just think the bigger kids are hilarious, those belly laughs are awesome and cute!
I also think it is fun to observe their mannerisms, they amaze me, the curiousity and imaginations of toddlers is a joy to watch.
I hope you guys are keeping well, have a great day xo

championm2000 said...

Your kids are adorable!!

My two are blankie babies, too! One cute (and sometimes annoying) thing they do is take everything out of their crib with them every morning: blankie, pillow, lovie...

Every. single. morning.

Happy to have found your blog through Kerry :-)

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