Sister & Brother Love

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When I discovered that I was pregnant with Ian, Sophia was about 8 months. I was afraid that she would get jealous, very early I tried to explain to her that a new baby was to arrive in some time. She started to understand slowly as my belly grew, she patted and kissed my belly throughout my pregnancy, and if I asked her where the baby was, she always pointed to my belly(very cute).

Ian finally arrived in January and I was waiting for Sophia's reaction. She arrived at the hospital room with my parents, she was quiet, she looked at Ian and just pointed at him. And that was her reaction. We went home the following day, surprisingly Sophia was very happy and sweet to Ian, even gave him kisses, it was very sweet.

I'm very fortunate that Sophia didn't become jealous of Ian, instead she's very protective and sweet to him. She's always giving him kisses and trying to squeeze his cheeks exactly the same way I do to hers. Now, she asks to hold him and she gets happy when she does. I love seeing them together and getting along from such a young age, hopefully they'll continue to be like this when they become older.

 Can you see the love? They are so cute together!
My two cutie pies!

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