Change of Plan...

Monday, May 21, 2012

I was planning to do many things on Sunday.
Doing some laundry, grocery shopping, spending
some time with the family and going to church.
What sometimes we forget that our plans can change so

While arranging our backyard furniture outside, Sophia tripped and fell.
She got a bump in her forehead, scratched her little face and cried so much.
Let's just say that she almost gave my husband and I a heart attack, it was quite a scare.
After talking to her doctor and explaining exactly what had happened, she assured us that a trip to
the emergency room wasn't necessary. By then, I had already developed my guilty syndrome and thinking how could I've let this happen to my child?
I know that she'll get better soon and accidents do happen at some point. I just thank God that nothing worse happened, I can't imagine if she had broken any bones.

By night, she was already playing, laughing and feeling a little better.

How was your Sunday?

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