Easter Recap...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Easter Sunday was quiet and
pretty much spent with
family at my parents' home.

I made a little egg hunt for Sophia,
it was really cute seeing her carry her
basket and picking up all the eggs.

Afterwards, we ate lunch and opened
 baskets filled with presents and
plenty of yummy chocolates. After all
the commotion, it was time for some much
 deserved nap time, for some reason the best naps
are usually on Sundays afternoons.

At night, we headed to church for Easter service.
 Giving thanks, remembering the sacrifice
and the true meaning of Easter - JESUS.


KERRY said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter weekend Caroline! Your babies are adorable btw, Ian is growing so much too!

Misty said...

Sounds perfect!!! And ADORABLE shots!

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