How Not To Go Crazy...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How not to go crazy, that's what I've being
trying to do for the last couple of days.
Taking care of my kids, trying to manage my house
 and do chores at the same time without going
completely nuts.
I've somehow managed and synchronized
my every minute with the clock. 
I've broken down every chore
that needs to be done with the weekdays,
I do a load of laundry every other day
so it doesn't built up and lately the
dishwasher has become my best friend
(I may sound a little crazy but it's true).

Taking care of two kids under the age of two,
 breastfeeding every 3 hours,
preparing meals, changing diapers
have taken a toll on my energy level,
I feel tired most days and look
forward to my kids' nap time
because that's when I relax and nap too.

How I manage not to go crazy?
 I still find joy in what I do in the midst
of all the busy things and craziness.
I love my kids! seeing them smile,
all the laughter and all the love
I have for them makes everything
worth it.

The craziness shall pass soon,
my sleepless nights should end soon,
and someday I'll look back and miss these times
because eventually my kids will grow up too soon.
So, I must find joy in all things
and cherish all the memories no
matter how tired I am.

1 comment:

KERRY said...

Perfect post Caroline!!!
Good for you for staying on top of it all and getting through the tiredness with a positive attitude :)

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