Thursday, January 26, 2012

The only camera that I've been using the last
couple of weeks has been the one on my phone.
I've taken some cute snapshots of my kids,
some of my everyday moments...

That's how my morning usually starts, Sophia and her big smile!

Watching TV with Grandma and Grandpa,
this day Sophia wouldn't let go of her toothbrush
(pay attention to her hand).

Ian sleeping so sweetly.

Sophia showing Ian some love.
My two cutie pies!


Anonymous said...

os filhos sao herancas do Senhor!Seus babies sao lindos d+, parabens Carol

Joyce :)

KERRY said...

Awwww cute babies!! I especially love that first pic :)

Vivian said...

Even a phone camera is enough to portray the joy children bring into our lives. Cute pictures!

Maurice.W said...

She looks really cute, especially with the toothbrush in her little hands.
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