Our Little Trip To See Santa

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yesterday, I took Sophia to take
her picture with Santa.
Let's just say that she wasn't thrilled
and wouldn't sit on Santa's lap.
In order for her to take the photo
I had to hold her but still she wouldn't even smile.
My only consolation is that she didn't cry at all.
I guess she had more fun playing with the kids
in the waiting line than with Santa.

Afterwards, we walked a little bit around in
the mall and she loves seeing people. She was
smiling and laughing at everyone that we passed by,
 it was really cute.
And as usual, I always buy a pretzel for her and she always
eats the whole thing!


The Cantelmo Family said...

Oh, I think it turned out cute!
I had many years where I had to sit with my daughter to get her to at least halfway smile!!!

Vivian said...

My kids never get near Santa in their early years. Once again I was reminded about that with my toddler just this past weekend. Why even bother? But at least the pictures turned out cute and so did yours!

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