Christmas Recap

Monday, December 26, 2011

I had a fabulous Christmas eve
 and Christmas day, I hope you had it too.
I spend my Christmas eve doing most of
the cooking and preparing for the dinner
that we served at our home for family and friends.

I had fun dressing up Sophia with the cutest
dress and coat that my mom gave her for the
special occasion. My sister created a little personalized
video with a special message from Santa to Sophia using
the Portable North Pole. It was really cute!

Dinner was great, a beautiful evening filled family,
friends and plenty of laughter. The food was
delicious, dessert was even better and there was
plenty of boxes of chocolates. Yay!

Later in the evening, my husband decided
to play Santa and started handing out
gifts, but the gifts were practical jokes to
our friends. It was a fun time.
And this year, we decided to play secret Santa
with our family instead of buying gifts for everyone
and also it was our attempt trying to
keep a secret.

Sophia got to open some of her gifts before
going to bed. She got plenty of books and toys
to keep her busy for a while now, she loved the little
pink tea party set.

On Christmas day we really rested. We had the
opportunity to sleep in, had a late breakfast, ate
leftovers for lunch, enjoyed some TV and more
quality time with the family.
Later in the evening we attended the Christmas
service at our church. It was a very
blessed and peaceful Christmas.
I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas,
how about you?

♥ ♥ ♥


KERRY said...

Sounds like such a nice Christmas! And look at that little cutie in her little dress, very Christmasy :)
I could easily skip dinner and go straight for desserts, sounds like you had some nice ones to eat!
I like how your Christmas Day is a relaxing one with all the festivities the night before, I might have to do this next year!

Paty said...

hey!! OMG Sophia looks adorable on her outfit!! i wish i had seen it!!! but we had a nice Christmas a my father-in-law, although i coundt wait to eat some brazilian dinner!!! everything was great at your house, we had such a good time!!!!! thanks again for thinking of me!!!!! ce ya soon!!!!1 xoxo

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