Saturday, November 5, 2011

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and while
I was waiting I noticed again this quote on the wall
in the waiting room:
" the serious business of Heaven."
by C.S. Lewis
And I kept thinking and thinking and thinking.
So, what is joy?

It's a state of happiness, felicity (I love this word) or bliss.
A source or cause of pure delight!
Suddenly the tiny word joy became
entirely different before my eyes.

And this brought another quote into my mind:
"Joy is the settled assurance that God is
in control of all the details of my life;
the quiet confidence that ultimately
everything is going to be okay;
and the determined choice to
praise God in all things."
by Kay Warren

So, what is joy for you?
what is your state of happiness?
Your bliss?
what causes pure delight in you or in your life?

Joy is really a serious business, isn't it?

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