Life is Good!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Life is good!
 Yes, it is!

Life is too short,
so enjoy every moment
and live to its fullest but with purpose.

I always say this and I mean it,
take your time and
enjoy the little things in life.

Laugh until you cry.
Say yes to chocolate 'cause it's really good.
Remember to create and pass on joy.
Always pay it forward with a smile.
Be kind.

Learn forgiveness.
Be grateful,
be graceful,
be thankful
all of the days of your life.

Trust God above all else.
Count your blessings.
YOU are blessed!
You've the privileged
to be alive.

Celebrate your life,
celebrate your family,
celebrate your friends,


Wacky Ways said...

Visiting from Thirsty Thursdays - Hope you can return the love. Mom Blog Society is having an Alexa hop this weekend. We sure hope you can join us for the fun.

Anna such a beautiful disaster said...

very well sad :) im ur new follower visit from the monster hop

{Inspire Me,Beautiful.} said...

This is beautiful! Very lovely Caroline!

Barbie said...

Life is good!! I agree with you :)

Caroline S. said...

Thank you, ladies! for the lovely comments =]

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