Motherhood In My Words

Monday, August 15, 2011

Being a mom means the world to me.
 I have the most sweet little girl, her name is Sophia.
Seeing her face every morning, hearing her laughs,
watching her grow a little bit each day are priceless moments to me.

 Being a mom is hardwork,
 trying to juggle everything everyday can be difficult
 but the experience is incredibly rewarding and beyond words.
Like today for example, I had to take her to get some blood test done, 
she cried so much and all I wanted to do was just hold her and make the pain go away,
and she just hugged me so tight. She wanted to feel secure and loved,
and I thank God because I've the privilege to do that.

When she smiles or make her little surprised faces, my heart melts. If you're a mom, you'll understand what I'm trying to say. If you're not one yet, you'll in the future. 

I love this picture. It's when I took Sophia to the beach for the first time.

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Stevie Kinnear said...

Hey Caroline! Thanks for the follow! Your little girl is so cute! I think she's almost the same age as Lily :) You're so right about motherhood. It can be so hard and so trying at times but oh so rewarding. I love seeing their smiles and hear their little laughs. Motherhood is the greatest!

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